Review: Sony NEX-5N

A short, sharp review of the NEX-5N, Sony’s inspired hybrid of compact and SLR technology. View at 1080p to see sample shots at 1:1 pixel ratio.

Visit Expert Reviews for a longer review of the NEX-5N.


4 Responses to Review: Sony NEX-5N

  1. mastakidd says:

    I think this is the one I’m buying for my 1st camera, image and video quality is the key. Don’t like the soft lenses though. Any non-Sony lenses worth noting besides Tamron that would work with an adapter? Are Tamron lenses better than Sony? Thanks!

  2. You can get an adapter to use Sony Alpha SLR lenses, but the adapter and lenses are both really big and they won’t autofocus silently in videos. The kit lenses aren’t so bad really… I’ve zoomed right to show the soft focus and it’s only really a problem at wide-angle settings. My advice would be to go for it.

  3. mastakidd says:

    I did! Thanks so much, I’m excited. I’m considering the Sony kit pancake lens. I’m not completely clear from my research – will I still be able to shoot shots from say 50 ft away with pancake, or do I have to come up close for everything? Is the pancake’s advantage close range? What can you do with pancake that you can’t with 18-55?


    • The pancake lens is fairly wide angle (27mm equivalent focal length) so fine for sweeping landscapes, city scapes, group portraits etc but not so good for individual portraits. The only real advantage is that it’s quite a bit smaller than the zoom lens.

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